Chalk this one up as one of the top five ugliest losses of the season for the Bees. New Orleans was outmatched from start to finish, so much so that their starters didn’t even see the court for most of the fourth quarter. The loss puts the Hornets in a tough spot, as they won’t know the effects of winning vs. losing tomorrow night until the Blazers and Grizzlies play in Portland on Tuesday night. If you think that Portland will take care of business at home and then beat Golden State to end the season, a case could definitely be made for the Hornets tanking their final two games to try and land the 8th seed and a matchup with San Antonio. However, if New Orleans loses and Memphis ends up beating Portland on the road, the Hornets would be kicking themselves for missing such a great opportunity to reclaim the 6th seed. The point here is simply that this loss is a big blow for our chances of avoiding a first round playoff series with the Lakers (unless the Lakers end up choking away the 2nd seed, which is not totally impossible). Game notes after the jump (if you even want to know why the Hornets were so bad tonight).

  • CP3 sure picked a bad time to have the first scoreless night of his NBA career. In 27 minutes of action, Paul missed all 6 shots he took as well as two free throws. He did manage 10 assists and 2 steals, but didn’t really do much to help the Hornets in this one. Nothing else to say except that Chris was pretty awful tonight.


  • Beli and Green had solid nights, combining for 29 points on 11-21 shooting (6-12 from long range), 16 of them coming from Beli in the first quarter alone. However, 7 combined turnovers is not going to get it done.


  • Carl Landry started out hot, scoring 9 points in the first quarter, but once again got into foul trouble thanks to getting pushed around on defense. Landry finished with just 11 points in 20 minutes of action, adding just two rebounds.


  • There really isn’t much else to talk about. This was a totally one-sided affair from start to finish, as the Hornets could do nothing to stop the Grizzlies from scoring in the paint; Memphis doubled up New Orleans in this category, finishing with 56 compared to the Hornets’ 28. If you want to pinpoint one stat that best exemplifies the loss, look no further.

NEXT GAME: The Hornets take on the Utah Jazz at 7 PM tomorrow night in their final home game of the season. As I stated previously, it’s tough to know at the moment whether New Orleans would be better off winning or losing this game, which puts the team in an unfortunate position. As a result, expect 100% effort all-around tomorrow night as the team keeps shooting for the 6th seed. Go Hornets!

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