ESPN has an article out today expressing exactly what we here at Hoopdat have been saying all offseason - the Hornets need to seriously explore trading Chris Paul, as there is a good chance that he will leave the team at the end of this season, and making a move for Russell Westbrook could very well be the best possible scenario.

The trade makes sense for both teams – the Thunder get a veteran superstar who can create for other players, something desperately missing on their current roster, and the Hornets get a young superstar to build around.

I don’t necessarily know if the Thunder would take the trade. They’re a young team on the rise, so they might not want to share things up, and given Westbrook’s age and Paul’s injury history, Westbrook may actually have more trade value.

Despite that, I still think the trade makes sense… If the Hornets are going to survive in a post CP3 world, pulling this trade off is the best way to get ready.

One Response to “Chris Paul for Westbrook a good deal for the Hornets”

  1. This would be the best case scenario for the Hornets if a trade for CP3 went down. Westbrook is only 22 and will mature with age, right now he doesnt know how to scarifice for the good of his team but he will develop into a star player. However I find it hard to see CP3 been traded while the search for a new owner continues and in any case I would imgaine that the front office will explore every other options before trading CP3 becomes an option.

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