I posted a brief column yesterday evening just a couple hours after the Chris Paul trade news broke on At the Hive. In the post, I discuss the players that the Hornets received by trading Paul, as well as what the deal likely means for New Orleans both in the short-term and the long-term. Check it out, sign up for At the Hive if you haven’t already, and join the 175-comment discussion going on in the comments section about the trade!

Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports has just reported that Hornets’ point guard Chris Paul has informed team officials that he will not be returning to the Hornets after his contract expires, and wants to be traded to New York. More on this as it becomes public, but suffice it to say that Chris Paul’s New Orleans Hornets career will not stretch beyond this season at the latest. The odds of him being traded to New York, however, are incredibly slim, due to the simple fact that the Knicks have nowhere near the available assets that would make a deal worthwhile to New Orleans. No matter how this situation plays out, however, it is obviously terrible news for the Hornets, although not entirely unexpected.

Head over to Hornets247.com for a guest article that I wrote which outlines all major changes coming in the new NBA labor agreement and explains the type of impact that each change will have on the Hornets. If you’re wondering exactly what this new collective bargaining agreement will mean for basketball in New Orleans, I oh so humbly suggest that you give this write-up a look. Thanks to Joe Gerrity and the guys at H247 for posting it.

Trade proposed by Pete on episode 2 of season 3 of The League on FX
Every now and then, I like to write up a post purely for fun, with nothing at all to do with the topics about which we normally write. After watching last night’s episode of “The League”, I came up with a perfect topic to do just that. For those of you who don’t watch The League, it is a show on FX  which is currently two episodes into its third season about a group of “adults” and their fantasy football league. It is a fantastic comedy, and I highly recommend it to anyone, even if you’re not the biggest sports fan; trust me, you’ll still laugh the whole time. In this particular episode, one of the league members proposes a trade involving all eight league members in order to try and “fix” everyone’s team. (Doing so was necessary due to an event in the prior episode which caused the computer to auto-draft almost all of the league members’ teams.) His idea was a great one, but the fantasy football addict in me wanted to dig a little deeper. Continue reading »

ESPN has an article out today expressing exactly what we here at Hoopdat have been saying all offseason - the Hornets need to seriously explore trading Chris Paul, as there is a good chance that he will leave the team at the end of this season, and making a move for Russell Westbrook could very well be the best possible scenario. Continue reading »

As a result of the lockout eating up a large portion of what is normally the NFL’s free agency period, the 2011 free agent class was sent into total chaos. Events that normally take months to unfold started happening in days, resulting in transactions that may not have unfolded during a regular offseason. While teams aren’t completely done bringing in new faces or re-signing familiar ones, we are now at the point where we can take a step back and begin to examine all of the transactions that the Saints have made since the end of the 2010 NFL season. The following is a breakdown by position group which aims to evaluate how good of a job New Orleans has done improving its roster throughout the offseason. The only position not included is quarterback, since no significant moves were made at that position (we have Brees, other teams don’t, end of story). As always, please feel free to post your own thoughts on the matter in the comments section below!

Continue reading »

Looking for all of the Saints’ 2011 offseason transactions? Look no further, as we at HoopDat aim to provide a continuously updating list of New Orleans’ free agent additions, re-signings, rookie signings, and departures throughout this process. Continue reading »

Check out this article on ESPN, and scroll down to question 5.

That’s right, three of the five judges said, without prompting, that the first move they would make in a fantasy NBA-land would be to trade for Chris Paul. And two of them absolutely rob the Hornets in the process.

So let’s work through each of these trades. Continue reading »

The past two days have made for the most active trade deadline that I’ve seen since I started seriously following the NBA, which accounts for about a decade. Tons of moves were made, and although only one of them directly involved the Hornets, many of these deals will indirectly affect them. Highlighting this group of transactions was the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks, which everyone seems to think is a precursor to Chris Paul landing in New York. Allow me to elaborate on why there is an extremely small chance of this happening, as well as present each trade made over the past 72 hours (in approximate order of completion) and then explain its potential impact on the New Orleans Hornets. Continue reading »


Basically the reaction that 95% of Hornets fans experienced when the news broke of Thornton being traded (did I say traded? I meant condemned) to Sacramento last night (note – as of 3:30 PM central time today, the trade has finally become official). I had that same initial reaction as well, and to be honest, I still feel that way a little; mainly because Landry’s contract expires at the end of this season, and therefore there’s a chance that the Hornets just dealt MT5 for a 30 game player rental. I have, however, been able to talk myself into accepting it, because the truth is that this trade makes the Hornets a better team. Though this may not be true if the Hornets had properly utilized Thornton this season, the fact is that he was not used effectively, and therefore it did not make sense to keep him around. This post is not meant to make anyone shed any more tears about MT5′s departure, however; for those, check out this excellent tribute to Marcus Thornton write-up on At The Hive. Instead, the following words are intended to introduce you to the man who will be taking his place on the Hornets’ roster – Mr. Carl Landry. Continue reading »

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