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The past two days have made for the most active trade deadline that I’ve seen since I started seriously following the NBA, which accounts for about a decade. Tons of moves were made, and although only one of them directly involved the Hornets, many of these deals will indirectly affect them. Highlighting this group of transactions was the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks, which everyone seems to think is a precursor to Chris Paul landing in New York. Allow me to elaborate on why there is an extremely small chance of this happening, as well as present each trade made over the past 72 hours (in approximate order of completion) and then explain its potential impact on the New Orleans Hornets. Continue reading »

Though the Saints’ weekly schedule hasn’t been released yet, every NFL team’s 2011 opponents were determined as soon as the 2010 regular season came to an end. Here is how the Saints’ 10 non-divisional games are assigned each season:

  • All four teams from one of the other three divisions in the NFC, alternating every year.
  • All four teams from one of the other four divisions in the AFC, alternating every year.
  • Two NFC games based on the 2010 standings. Because the Saints finished in 2nd place in their division in 2010, they will play the corresponding 2nd place teams from the two NFC divisions that the Saints do not already have on their schedule.

On paper, New Orleans seems to have a much more favorable out-of-division schedule than their fellow NFC South peers. Although it is far too early to make any predictions with absolute confidence, the Saints’ schedule at present appears to have them well positioned to reclaim their place at the top of the division. Here is a breakdown of the team’s 2011 non-divisional opponents.

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Recently, ESPN.com ran a segment asking readers who they believed to be “America’s Team,” giving them three options – the Dallas Cowboys, the Green Bay Packers, or the Pittsburgh Steelers. Today, ESPN NFC South division blog writer Pat Yasinskis brought up the notion that the Saints would have been included in this conversation as well if this conversation had occurred at this time last season. My question is – what happened in the past 6 months to remove them from consideration? Why is America’s team all about who’s winning now (with apologies to the atrocious Cowboys)? Below, I will present both quantitative and qualitative reasons to support my firm belief that the Saints, not the Cowboys nor either of the teams competing in Super Bowl XLV, should own the title of “America’s Team.” Continue reading »

Before last night’s game, Andrew and I were lucky enough to be able to take part in a great 45 minute question and answer session with the General Manager of the New Orleans Hornets, Mr. Dell Demps. Going into the Q&A, we both were excited for the opportunity to hear some exclusive information, but also expected a little bit of Demps side-stepping the answers that we were really looking for. To our surprise, however, he was incredibly straight forward with us, answering almost every question that we had without beating around the bush at all. Listed below are ten questions asked by us or some of the other 30-40 season ticket holders in attendance, along with a summary of Dell Demps’ responses. Continue reading »

So, in response to my article Can New Orleans Support the Hornets, I saw a lot of posts questioning how the Hornets made money. Namely, a lot of people thought the Hornets make money from marketing, broadcasting, etc, not from ticket sales. This is simply untrue. Again, I’ll refer you to the Hornets audited financial statements (see page 11).  For fiscal 2009, the Hornets had $110 million in revenue. Of this, $45m came from ticket sales, $41m from cable and broadcasting, $12m from shared arena revenue, and the rest comes from other sources. Let’s look at fiscal 2008- ticket sales came in at $36m, broadcasting at $38.4, shared arena at $10.6, and the rest from other (total rev = 101). Continue reading »

Yesterday, I discussed what I believe to be the Saints’ biggest need positions heading into this offseason. Listed below are the 5 picks that the Saints own in the 2011 NFL Draft, followed by the player I would like to see the Saints select who will likely be available at that selection spot. Continue reading »

Now that the NBA has taken over the Hornets, everyone seems to be speculating on the fate of the team. At the center of the argument is this question – can New Orleans support the Hornets? Continue reading »
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