It comes with great pride that I inform all of our loyal readers that, almost exactly a year to the day that HoopDat was created by Andrew and myself, the site has gotten a “promotion” of sorts. I have been invited to join Hornets247, the official Hornets blog for, and will begin writing for them. In addition, I also plan on contributing Saints content to Saints247, currently operated by one of the existing members of Hornets247. Don’t worry, though; every time I write something for H247 or S247, a link will be posted here. You’ll be reading the same content that you were used to reading on HoopDat, except it will now be featured on those two sites instead.

I am joining a truly great team over at both sites, and am very excited to become a part of it. I also want to thank all of you; without HoopDat’s fantastic following, I would not have achieved as much success as I have experienced in just my first full year of sports writing. Please sign up for Hornets247  and for Saints247 as well, and keep giving your own feedback, as all of your opinions are very important as well! You can follow Hornets247 on facebook and on twitter, as well as Saints247 on both facebook and twitter. I’ll see all of you over there!

Andrew and I wanted to inform all of you about a slight change in our writing for HoopDat. So far this year, we have been bringing you in-depth Hornets previews before each game. Our site stats show that our previews are by far our least-read material, yet writing them takes up a considerable amount of time. As a result, we have decided to condense the game previews going forward in order to focus more of our attention on other interesting and entertaining topics (obviously, we have both regular jobs, there are only so many hours in the day). Making this adjustment makes the most sense to allow us to produce more articles that you guys really want to read! As always, comments or suggestions are encourages in order to help us to give you more of what you want.

We have created our own domain name and distanced ourselves from the boring, predictable world of Google’s Blogspot. You can expect the same content from before to be found here!

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