Head over to Hornets247.com for a guest article that I wrote which outlines all major changes coming in the new NBA labor agreement and explains the type of impact that each change will have on the Hornets. If you’re wondering exactly what this new collective bargaining agreement will mean for basketball in New Orleans, I oh so humbly suggest that you give this write-up a look. Thanks to Joe Gerrity and the guys at H247 for posting it.

All of the details are not yet available, but all major news sources are now reporting that the NBA players and owners have come to an agreement to end the NBA lockout. This is obviously fantastic news for both the Hornets and NBA fans everywhere, and we will be sure to update you with information as soon as it becomes available. The deal ultimately be put to a vote, and while it can be expected that some players will vote against this new proposed deal, there shouldn’t be enough of those votes to account for anywhere near a majority. So, barring completely unforeseen circumstances - the NBA is back!

This morning, news broke that NBA All-Stars Chris Paul, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony will highlight a four game exhibition tour for charity which will consist of stops in Akron, OH, New Orleans, LA, Chicago, IL, and East Rutherford, NJ. Continue reading »

Well, here we are.

After 23 hours of negotiations between the NBA players and owners over the past two days, we’ve arrived at a juncture with only two possible realistic outcomes:

A) A (jam-packed) 72 game season beginning on December 15th.

B) No season at all.

The obvious follow-up question is – which outcome should we expect? Continue reading »

The New Orleans Hornets’ 2011 season kicks off Wednesday night in the New Orleans Arena as the team takes on last year’s #1 seed in the Eastern Conference, the Chicago Bulls. The CP3-led Hornets will try to rebound this season after suffering a first round playoff defeat by the Los Angeles Lakers in six games. The Bulls, on the other hand, are coming off an Eastern Conference Championship defeat at the hands of the Miami Heat, and are poised to make another run at a championship behind last season’s regular season MVP, Derrick Rose.

…What’s that? There’s a lockout, you say? Well, that’s one hell of a buzzkill. I already wrote a game preview and everything! I may as well share it with you guys, right? Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the keys to tomorrow night’s fictitious season opener. Continue reading »

Just wanted to give a quick update to those wondering if and when the NBA would be cancelling more games or coming to an agreement. As of tonight, the New York Daily News is reporting that the owners and players have agreed to try once more to close the gap between both sides, and will attempt to do so on Wednesday in Manhattan. Given how far apart the NBA owners and NBPA were when they last broke off negotiations last week, the odds of a deal being reached in the next few days are fairly minimal. If enough progress is made, however, it could lead to an agreement in time for games to be played as early as December, and doing so could allow the rescheduling of those games that have previously been cancelled in order to play a full 82-game season. Keep in mind that this seems to be the current best case scenario, so while this is a possible outcome, it certainly isn’t the most likely one. For continuous updates on the meeting taking place tomorrow as well as other lockout news, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@HoopDat), as we will do our best to relay news to you as soon as we get any information.

First things first – if you want to know how I’m feeling about the lockout, look no further than this 20 second YouTube video. 

Now that we’ve addressed that important aspect, let’s move on to what’s actually going on in said lockout. Continue reading »

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