It comes with great pride that I inform all of our loyal readers that, almost exactly a year to the day that HoopDat was created by Andrew and myself, the site has gotten a “promotion” of sorts. I have been invited to join Hornets247, the official Hornets blog for, and will begin writing for them. In addition, I also plan on contributing Saints content to Saints247, currently operated by one of the existing members of Hornets247. Don’t worry, though; every time I write something for H247 or S247, a link will be posted here. You’ll be reading the same content that you were used to reading on HoopDat, except it will now be featured on those two sites instead.

I am joining a truly great team over at both sites, and am very excited to become a part of it. I also want to thank all of you; without HoopDat’s fantastic following, I would not have achieved as much success as I have experienced in just my first full year of sports writing. Please sign up for Hornets247  and for Saints247 as well, and keep giving your own feedback, as all of your opinions are very important as well! You can follow Hornets247 on facebook and on twitter, as well as Saints247 on both facebook and twitter. I’ll see all of you over there!


I posted a brief column yesterday evening just a couple hours after the Chris Paul trade news broke on At the Hive. In the post, I discuss the players that the Hornets received by trading Paul, as well as what the deal likely means for New Orleans both in the short-term and the long-term. Check it out, sign up for At the Hive if you haven’t already, and join the 175-comment discussion going on in the comments section about the trade!

This morning, excellent basketball writer Rob Mahoney published a thought-provoking piece on the New York Times’ NBA blog, Off the Dribble, exploring a potential plan for the Hornets. The strategy that he presents for the team to consider is geared towards, not so surprisingly, convincing Chris Paul to remain in New Orleans beyond next season, when he is able to opt out of the final year of his contract. His idea, in a nutshell, is to basically wipe the entire roster clean and subsequently give Paul the keys to reconstruct the roster exactly as he chooses. Obviously, there is a ton of risk involved, and a new owner would be a necessity before this idea could begin to take shape, but I believe that it may be the best option for the Hornets. After the jump, I explain how it would be possible, and why it could be in the team’s best interest to pursue this course of action. Continue reading »

Head over to for a guest article that I wrote which outlines all major changes coming in the new NBA labor agreement and explains the type of impact that each change will have on the Hornets. If you’re wondering exactly what this new collective bargaining agreement will mean for basketball in New Orleans, I oh so humbly suggest that you give this write-up a look. Thanks to Joe Gerrity and the guys at H247 for posting it.

Well, here we are.

After 23 hours of negotiations between the NBA players and owners over the past two days, we’ve arrived at a juncture with only two possible realistic outcomes:

A) A (jam-packed) 72 game season beginning on December 15th.

B) No season at all.

The obvious follow-up question is – which outcome should we expect? Continue reading »

According to NBA news and rumor website, the Hornets “are moving toward a potential sale, with as many as eight possible buyers in the mix for a deal that would keep the team in the Crescent City.” With the current lockout that’s dragging on, it’s nice to hear anything positive concerning the NBA, especially about the Hornets and their future in the city of New Orleans.

Continue reading »

Check out this article on ESPN, and scroll down to question 5.

That’s right, three of the five judges said, without prompting, that the first move they would make in a fantasy NBA-land would be to trade for Chris Paul. And two of them absolutely rob the Hornets in the process.

So let’s work through each of these trades. Continue reading »

Despite the current NBA lockout, the league released its 2011-12 regular season schedule early this afternoon. The Hornets’ schedule can already be found on The odds of this schedule actually being played as created are fairly slim thanks to the current lack of a CBA, but if (by some miracle) the season starts on time, the Bees will open up with stiff competition; New Orleans is slated to play the Bulls, Lakers, Heat, and Spurs in four of the team’s first six games. Other games of note (all times central): Continue reading »

Just in case you guys missed it yesterday, I answered five lockout-related questions (well, four + one about Shaq) along with four other Hornets enthusiasts over on the second edition of Hornets Beat on It’s good stuff from some minds that really know a lot about the Hornets and the NBA, and a good opportunity to see what opinions are out there concerning the lockout (who’s to blame, its effect on the Hornets, etc.). It’s a quick and easy read; give it a look if you get a chance!

In a story just released by Busted Coverage, current Panthers’ and former Saints’ tight end Jeremy Shockey has reportedly told the site that “The deal will be done Thursday and we’re being told to report to Charlotte for a three-day camp the 22nd through 25th.” According to Shockey, he has been told that the new CBA ready to be finalized is a ten year agreement. So how about it; you guys ready for some football?

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