This Sunday the Saints host the Bears in the Saints’ home opener. The Saints are coming off a disappointing loss to the Packers while the Bears are coming off an absolute dismantling of the Falcons. Continue reading »

It’s finally here. Game Day. Tonight, the Saints open the season up against the defending Super Bowl champion Packers. Continue reading »

Leading up to tomorrow’s season opener (yeeeeeee!), Mason and I thought we’d walk through our predictions for each team in the NFC South and where they end up this season.

These are always fun articles to write- it’s great to be able to look back six months from now and say “hey, I totally called that the Falcons were going to collapse and they did!” or (more likely) “Man, I can’t believe I got every single prediction wrong. I really should find a new line of work.” Continue reading »

Check out this summary of last night’s all star exhibition, and check out the glowing praise for CP3!

Malcolm Gladwell has an excellent piece over on grantland asking if sports team owners are entitled to make money on their teams.  In response, SBNation published this great piece showing how gladwell may have selectively ignored some examples in order to support his point. Continue reading »

Following on last week’s trend…. I refuse to write a preview for a preseason game. You never know how much the starters will play, how deep into the playbook coaches will go, how much they will experiment, etc. Continue reading »

The single most important three hours of the year is approaching. The three hour window that will determine bragging rights between your friends and coworkers for the rest of the year. The three hour window that separates the men from the boys, the weak from the strong, and the sports fanatics from the fair weather fan. Continue reading »

In a story that is equal parts humorous and sad (actually, a good bit more sad), the Celtics’ Delonte West has tweeted that he will be applying for a job at the Home Depot because of the lock out. Continue reading »

Unfortunately, I have a big boy job now and can’t do fun things like scout the Saints training camp 24/7. Fortunately, ESPN has this excellent post up by Pat Yasinskas reviewing Saints training camp and talking about some potential surprises and disappointments. Continue reading »

WOOOOO!!!! It’s that time of the year again. Much like with the Saints during basketball season, the CP3 and Hornets talk will be greatly toned down in the coming months (there’s probably not gonna be a season anyway!) because New Orleans’ first love is returning. The Saints start their quest to win the title tonight at home in the dome against the 49ers. Both of your Hoopdat writers will be there (I’ll be wearing a Brees jersey, Mason will be wearing his Vilma jersey).

I’m not going to bother with a preview, because it’s the preseason and you never really know exactly how much people will play (, how much of the playbook the coaches will explore, etc. However, you can expect plenty of post game recap, breakdown, etc.

Who Dat!!!

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